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Pandas Study Note1

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Pandas Study Note 1. About Anaconda Anaconda is a high efficient Python platform, I just want to notice one of hte important issue: how to manage library. list all libraries conda list ...

Data Science Study Note1

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Data Science Study Note1 Prerequsite: As we all know that data science is heat in recent year, thus we all should learn knowledge and skills about data analysis and data mining. First we...

Leetcode Test Notes(1-20)

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pre This week, I start learn and solve questions in leetcode, my goal is that I will solve 150 questions until October. Meanwhile, I will use my blog to document the solutions and thinkings a...

NumPy Study Notes

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NumPy Study Notes Chapter1 Introduction of Numpy Numpy is a fundamental package for scientific computing with Python. It contains: a powerful N-dimensional array object; sophisticated (broa...

How To Install Spark On Mac os

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How To Install Spark on Mac os 1. Introduction Today, I will introduce the way to install spark on mac os. I will achieve the calculation of the data of MovieLens, it is the part of my undergradu...

How To Use Mysql On Mac os

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How To Use Mysql on Mac os 1. Introduction Mysql is one of the most successful databases in the world, nowadays, it is used on a lot of areas, not only personally but also enterprise. In recent d...